Finding the Right Wheelchair Scale for Your Practice

Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Wheelchair Scales for Medical Practices

For medical staff, one challenge with wheelchair-bound patients, is obtaining an accurate weight reading on the patient. Wheelchair scales help take the stress and challenge out of getting an accurate weight.

To help ensure that the wheelchair scale that you purchase is high quality, and includes all of the features you need, here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a wheelchair scale.

  • Built in Ramps With built in ramps, your wheelchair scale will allow for the smooth transfer of patients on and off the scales. While standalone ramps are able to be used with wheelchair scales, built in ramps offer more stability, and make the process of moving the ramp easier as well.
  • Durability Durability is an important aspect for wheelchair scales. A wheelchair scale should be durable enough to provide enough support for a wide range of weighing needs, without causing damage to frames. Many wheelchair ramps come preprogrammed to calculate the weight of a standard wheelchair, and thus subtract it from the total weight to give you accurate readings.
  • Mobility Wheelchair scales can also be portable. Whether you need to move it from one corner of the office to another, or if you plan to use the scale to treat housebound patients, be sure to look for a wheelchair scale that is portable, and designed to be easily moved.
  • Graphics Display The size of the graphics display is another consideration to keep in mind when choosing a scale. A graphics display that is too small can be difficult to read and can increase the margin of error when staff are recording readings. A display that is large enough to easily read at a glance is an important feature.

At R&R Scales, we are committed to providing quality scales. We offer a wide selection of medical scales and accessories that are designed to the highest standards of accuracy and quality. For more information on wheelchair scales, contact R&R Scales today, and let us help you find the right scale for your needs.