Medical/Health Scales

At R and R Scales, we are committed to providing quality services and products. We offer a wide selection of medical scales and accessories that are designed according to the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

  • Certified Fitness Scales: We offer certified fitness scales that are NTEP Certified Legal for Trade for the highest possible accuracy.
  • Physician Scales: Classic physician scales are available as mechanical and digital operation, and are designed to ensure accurate readings. The scales are available in capacities up to 440 lb. (200 kg).
  • Baby/Pediatric Scales: For the smallest patients, our pediatric scales are available in several models designed for infant and baby weighing needs.
  • Wheelchair Scales: Our Rice Lake wheelchair scales are designed for accuracy and durability, and are available in single ramp and dual ramp models.
  • Dialysis Scales: Rice Lake dialysis scales are durable and accessible, designed for optimal performance and accuracy.
  • Chair Scales: Chair scales are designed to enable patient comfort when standing isn’t an option. Our chair scales are reliable and durable, and are ideal for rehabilitation centers, dialysis centers, and nursing homes.
  • Bariatric Scales: For patients who require additional support and stability, our bariatric scales are reliable and durable, designed with accuracy and patient comfort in mind.
  • Dietary Scales: Dietary scales are an effective way to monitor nutritional and dietary intake. These scales are essential for ensuring optimal nutritional balance and control.
  • Veterinary Scales: Our veterinary scales are designed to accommodate a wide range of veterinary weighing needs.
  • Personal Home Health Scales: Our range of digital and dial Rice Lake home health scales are ideal for monitoring and maintaining weight at home.
  • Options and Accessories: We carry a range of options and accessories to optimize your scale’s performance. From carrying cases to power cords, we have the accessories you need.